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An off the shelf hearth may not do, it may be that your new hearth has to fit into an existing fireplace or carpet cut out. It may be that your choice of stove or fire dictates a particular minimum size. If this is the case or you are looking for something a little unique then we can make it.

You can use our hearth tool below to submit your bespoke sizes for an instant quote.

Insert the overall length of the front hearth (A):
Insert the depth of the front hearth (B):
Is a plinth required
Insert the overall height you wish the hearth to be off the floor (C):
Is a back hearth required:
Insert back hearth length: (D):
Insert back hearth depth: (E):
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For shaped hearths or if your requirements are a little more complex please give us a call or email us and we will be happy to discuss your needs.